I think I am inspired by a wide range of artists and musicians. But I haven’t had the chance to actually meet very many, so to be able to meet and work with inspiring musicians was one of the highlights ofmy week at Sound and Music. I was inspired by all of the musicians I […]

Sound and Music summer school is a week long residential for young people from across the UKto enjoy a week of learning, fun and composition. You have to apply for a place, love composingand want to throw yourself in. When I arrived at the Summer School, I was really excited and maybe a bit nervous. […]

During the summer school I have been learning about the DAW, Ableton and the musician technology elements that come with it: mixing, mastering and sound design. I enjoyed the freedom the technology at this summer school gave me and it was quite liberating to be so creative. The only thing I would say that challenged […]

Details of what you are going to do: What art skill(s) would you like to pass on? I want to teach someone and help them understand the concept of artificial harmonics when writing for bowed string instruments. Why have you chosen this skill? Is it a skill you know well or one you have learnt […]

On the 6th of August 2021 between 7 PM and 10:30 PM, and 7th of August 2021 between 10 AM and 3 PM, at the Purcell School, I watched the final compositions of all the Musicians from the Sound and Music Summer School and I thought it was amazing. I found it great how different […]

I have been working 24/7 on my musicality and compositional skills. I have spent a lot of time with the performers to learn about their instrument and to write music for those instruments accordingly. I have also worked with the performers, and the tutor, to take my composition further and form a coherent, structural piece, […]

Eva and I shared our various knowledge across music composition and psychology by giving a 5-minute talk each to each other – and since our knowledge overlaps a little, we chose each other. We have chosen these two skills because we have both read up on different areas of music psychology and we are very […]

Whilst doing the Sound and Music instagram takeover on Tuesday the 3rd, I attended the piano installation event. Our group’s slot was at 19:30, and an ex-student of the Purcell School showed us some pianos that were originally planned to be condemned, but had been reworked in wacky ways.  I really enjoyed the piano installation […]

I chose to present to a group of friends different uses of the voice. As a singer, majority of the information I had known, however, parts of it were new to me, such as ingressive singing. I chose to share it with that group as many of them didn’t sing, and I thought it would […]

At the SaM summer school I have taken part in the Vocal Composition course. I have really enjoyed learning about newer vocal techniques that I haven’t previously been taught. Personally I found attempting to maintain lower harmonies relatively hard as I am typically used to singing either higher harmonies or the melody. I learnt that […]

In the vocal group at the Sound and Music Summer School we have developed collaboration skills and singing techniques as well as learning strategies and tips for composing specifically for the voice. The whole experience has been very accessible while also proving challenging for my existing compositional format. For example, I had never written a […]

The arts skills I have chosen to pass on are different ways of using the voice. As I participated in the composing for voice course, I learnt a lot of valuable information from the tutors. I am aiming to teach students from the instrumental and electronic courses, and hopefully by the end they will be […]

Susannah Foster and others at their arts award skill sharing session. For the past week, I have been participating in workshops and composing sessions as a part of the composing for voice course at the Sound and Music Summer School. Our days have started with physical and vocal warm-ups including stretches and harmony exercises. We […]

I am going to review the piano installation that we had the chance to see during the summerschool. The piano installation used many old, broken or disused pianos and turned them into art.For example, the installation showcased the oldest, still working, piano. At over 200 year old itshowed that pianos have changed a lot without […]

I’m reviewing the Yshani Peripanayagam’s event that I took part in during the Sound and Music Summer school. In this event we utilised an app called echoes which is an innovative and exciting app that lets you discover the world around you in the form of sounds.  I really enjoyed using this app because it […]

I am reviewing the interactive piano installation that was created by ex-student Rueban as well as some friends which was held at the Purcell School. The installation was created by the artists finding 6 old pianos that were about to be dumped, and they were repurposed. We recorded an Instagram takeover where we showed the […]

The Yshani Perinpanayagam Visit I’d like to review The Yshani Perinpanayagam Visit and the echo app event that we did on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Sound and Music Summer School. It was a lot of fun being able to go around campus and listen to sounds others had produced. I’ll add a link to […]

Singing workshop Before: I would like to pass on techniques and information about various singing exercises that I have learnt at my time at SAM Summer School. I will share these skills in the form of an interactive presentation with others who have also recently learnt these exercises as well as students from different groups […]

The event I attended was an interactive workshop led by musician Yshani Perinpanayagam, which was run during my time at SAM summer school. The workshop involved working as a team to create an immersive sound world. We did this through the use of the Echoes app, which allows you to create ‘walks’ in which your […]

I chose to research Ludovico Einaudi because I play his music often and am inspired by his compositional style. Einaudi is known for his minimalistic writing, taking inspiration and techniques from composers such as Phillip Glass and Steve Reich. His repertoire is largely solo piano music, however he has also written pieces featuring orchestral instruments […]

On the 4th of August, Yshani Peripanayagam came to visit the Purcell school for our Sound and Music Summer Programme. She is a renowned composer, and showed us one of her piano compositions inspired by the game ‘snake’, and it was very avant-garde and fascinating.  After that, she presented the app ‘Echoes’ which allows you […]

On the first day, I was greeted by my soon-to-be friends and the members of staff, who were all very friendly. I am in the ‘Composing for Voice’ group, so we did many exciting vocal exercises with our Key tutor and the other singers. On the second day, we had several taster sessions which were […]

Berlioz as a composer is someone who I simultaneously love and dislike. Musically I feel he is incredibly talented and innovative, however, his motives behind pieces such as “Symphonie Fantastique” can be seen as rather obsessive and creepy. I researched through online articles and blogs on which Berlioz’ biographies can be found. Berlioz is renowned […]

The electronic music group in SAM has been an amazing experience. I have really enjoyed it as it has allowed me to broaden my horizons with composing and start using synthesizers alongside orchestral instruments- before I was restricted to little but orchestral instruments due to not having heard the potential of synths. I want to […]

Franz Liszt was a prolific musician in the 19th century, from a virtuoso pianist, to composer, conductor, music teacher, organist, arranger, amongst others, and was a humanitarian, known for his acts of philanthropy. He is also the creator of a new musical genre, called the ‘Symphonic Poem’ or ‘Tone Poem’. He was taught at a […]

I decided to take a stroll on my second day at Sound and Music Summer School. Having worked behind the scenes for months to make this week happen, nothing could have been more reassuring than hearing music fill the hallways of The Purcell School. In hindsight, I actually don’t think I could have picked a […]

Day 1, Sunday 1st August On Sunday we were introduced to our task. Our assignment for the week was to compose for a short film already given to us.  My short film was called Red Car Heist, and I immediately felt relieved as I recognised the film it came from (Baby Driver). We would solely […]

The Sound and Music (SaM) Summer School was something I didn’t even expect to get a place on, let alone enjoy to the extent I did. At the beginning, I was sure that the thing I would treasure the most would be the final composition, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was the […]

Yshani felt that weakness as a composer was a feeling of exposing something personal to her to the public (a bit like a diary)… Being a holistic musician – “Don’t pretend to be everyone’s specialist. People need to see that you are capable of many musical aspects…. Be open about the fact that you are […]

You often compose to visual cues, have you ever worked in film composing? No, but I have done other things. … I’m an improviser, so people put me in those situations… I have composed for dance music (following shapes of dancing) … Creating in response to something is something I find much easier. Did you […]

Megan’s review of Yshani Perinpanayagan’s talk and workshop Yshani’s piece “The Perfect Snake” is a composition for piano in response to a video of a perfect snake game. She has approached it in a similar way to film scoring, using hit points each time the snake eats. In addition, the texture and melody reflects the […]

Yet another immersive and original experience during my time at the Sound and Music Summer School! We attended a talk by Yshani Perinpanayagam, a multi-faceted musician who came to use an app called ‘Echoes’ to create an interactive ‘sound walk’, by recording sounds in certain locations around campus, which other app users can listen to […]

With the current global situation, this year’s Summer School was quite different to what we’re used to. Despite this, participants and tutors still enjoyed a different, yet fun and rewarding week! To create a connection amongst participants, we gave students the opportunity to takeover our socials, which gave everyone a sneak peak into the day […]

Khan Cordice’s presentation on the steel drums at the Sound & Music Summer School was really inspiring and exciting. I have a good knowledge of jazz music so it was great to hear Khan play an arrangement of ‘Misty’ on the steel drums. There wasn’t really anything I didn’t like apart from that he could […]

Have you applied to the Sound and Music Summer School yet? If not, now is the time to do so, as applications close 29 March!  Make sure you visit our website in order to apply. The video below provides a brief insight into the accommodation, dining and recreational facilities at the Summer School. Watch as […]

IT’S BACK We’re delighted to say that the Sound and Music Summer School will be returning, August 5 – 11. Full details and more information about the week are available on our website, where you can also fill out your application. The application deadline is March 29, which is fast approaching. Apply Now!

On Tuesday night, we took part in a workshop which was led by Laura Bowler where we viewed some of her work. I felt like she was a very charismatic person and taught us to think about music in a new way – through movement. She started off with teaching us all a group warm […]

On Monday, a special guest visited, Judith Weir. Seeing her music visually and listening to some of her compositions live was inspirational for me. I really enjoyed the jail folk inspired compositions played by the cello. This was because it explored many extended techniques of the instrument, something that I am very interested in. I […]

My time at sound and music this year has been unlike any other experience I’ve had – from creating a short vocal piece from the word ‘happiness’ to finger sword-fighting in a theatrical workshop, the week has been full of pleasant surprises. Initially, I didn’t know what to expect. Right from day 1, we’d started […]

Ralph Vaughan-Williams – Lark Ascending Le Vent Du Nord Islamic Call to Prayer

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We’ve posted this picture before but hadn’t realised its significance. Digging a bit further into the life of Fred Gaisberg (who was the Zelig of the early recording business), the relevance of the photo becomes clear. Thomas Edison invented the phonograph system of recording and playing back sound…

Monday, at the vocal group, was an attempt to open minds to the vast possibilities of vocal composition. Who needs a score when pictures provide emotional yet also musical communication? We finished with homework to produce an A3 explosion of our piece, to begin our composition with focus and insight.  

This is my second time at the SaM summer school, and looking back, I can safely say that I’ve improved in many ways, not only in a practical sense, but also in terms of attitude.

One of the challenges I’ve found is writing a finished piece to a deadline; my first piece had the makings of a completed composition, but lacked a strong identity, something that I feel I’ve captured in this years composition. It helped that between both summer schools I’ve found a sort of ground I can stand on, and not feel insecure about my material or people’s opinion of it.

On a more practical note (like concert C), I have noticed that composing away from the instruments and Sibelius does lead to both more natural and/or ambitious ideas. I feel it is also important to look at your material as a musician, and not just as a composer.

This years composition, and other pieces I have played and/or composed has also led me to believe that material that has been forced, or made to impress people, never really sounds as stuff that I could hear or feel before I put it on paper.

Can I also just say that this year was so rad and inspiring!


Here’s a blog post from the Sound and Music site with views from day 1!