We had a visit from Aleks Kolkowski last night who gave us a really interesting talk about the beginnings of recording technology. We here on the film course, were fascinated (Along with the rest of the course!) and tweeted and made plenty of notes which I thought I’d better pull together into one place! I […]

Judith Weir Master of the Queen’s music in Pictures https://t.co/pIGbsD5l9L pic.twitter.com/VCeh9D0ZCj — Sam Summer (@samsummeruk) August 3, 2016 Sam reflects on his time on the instrumental course @Soundandmusic #SAMsummer16 https://t.co/3OhkzeudSm pic.twitter.com/ovETedCfuU — Sam Summer (@samsummeruk) August 3, 2016 British Library sound archive from today's talk…https://t.co/wEX6m2BMlL — Sam Summer (@samsummeruk) August 3, 2016 The saviour of the […]

Here’s what took place on twitter from yesterday’s Sound and Music Summer School!   Flexing those vocal cords with @juicevocal @samsummeruk pics from the summer school here https://t.co/fWlKEtdTck https://t.co/sLGfkz5liz — Bright Ivy (@BrightIvyUK) August 3, 2016 Young composers knuckling down to great work @samsummeruk #gocompose pic.twitter.com/tE8qA2NINv — Simon Speare (@simonspeare) August 3, 2016 The deer […]

Day 2 in pictures: the morning @soundandmusic #SAMsummer16 https://t.co/yPXL4xC4u3 pic.twitter.com/17bIiOdHDF — Sam Summer (@samsummeruk) August 1, 2016 This week I am King Of Beatbox working with young composers alongside @juicevocal at the @samsummeruk #SAMsummer16 pic.twitter.com/mXarm1Xse6 — MaJiKer (@MaJiKer) August 1, 2016 Hope everyones having a brilliant time @samsummeruk #SAMsummer16 gutted I couldn't be there this […]

An Evening With Lucie Treacher, Juice and MajiKer @soundandmusic @lucietreacher @juicevocal… https://t.co/PLGn0mTv7X pic.twitter.com/RUUZQYTj6O — Sam Summer (@samsummeruk) August 1, 2016 Day 1 – Welcomes & Icebreakers https://t.co/A32UXGYMy5 pic.twitter.com/aYWTMM7CdG — Sam Summer (@samsummeruk) August 1, 2016 Day 1 in pictures @soundandmusic @lucietreacher @juicevocal @kj_funk @sarahdaceyuk… https://t.co/iujjKHGdAw pic.twitter.com/O6LUKEE4fJ — Sam Summer (@samsummeruk) July 31, 2016 @juicevocal kick off […]

Day 3 in pictures the afternoon session http://t.co/9oftFa99Mu pic.twitter.com/K0MXqLfT2F — Sam Summer (@samsummeruk) August 5, 2015 Busy work on the cross cultural composition. Taken by @thejordanblack @soundandmusic pic.twitter.com/67wdT0Da6o — Sam Summer (@samsummeruk) August 5, 2015 We are inspired #summerschool #takeover #newmusic pic.twitter.com/ZKpxFm5PCH — Sound and Music (@soundandmusic) August 5, 2015 Composers @EHowardComposer and @issiebarratt discuss […]

Fabulous flute sounds, @pasha0305! #purcellalumni https://t.co/TSjGF9M5J2 — The Purcell School (@PurcellSchool) August 4, 2015 No rest for the wicked this morning at @samsummeruk for the vocal group #voiceetcmassive pic.twitter.com/kA8PjzGpuR — Ollie Kaiper-Leach (@Ollie_KLMusic) August 4, 2015 Apparently this instrument is really gourd… #ohdear pic.twitter.com/PDodZUXoxS — Sam Summer (@samsummeruk) August 4, 2015 It's in full swing […]

If you’ve missed our twitter action today don’t worry! Here are some highlights… Great things are starting to happen over at our #summerschool @PurcellSchool @samsummeruk – we will be sharing the story with you all wk — Sound and Music (@soundandmusic) August 3, 2015 @kj_funk leads a vocal taster session @samsummeruk, a hive of industry as 15 […]