I can honestly say that my week at the Sound and Music Summer School has been one of the best weeks of my life! I was in the advanced instrumental group. It was great to work with such talented musicians they were an inspiration and changed my perspective and approach towards composing. At the beginning of […]

Well – what a week! I’ve been on the Jazz course at the Sound and Music Summer School and I have loved every moment of it. I found working with composers, artists and tutors truly inspiring! I have learnt such a lot in such a small space of time. Issie and the musicians were all […]

Written by Joshua. A student on the Jazz course Despite being assigned to the Jazz group I chose and unorthodox composition route in which I merged contemporary classical ideas with Jazz thus creating a unique sound. My composition used Aleatoric influences from Schoenburg, Boulez and Dai Fujikura as well as jazz influences from a number […]

Sometimes statistics are dry, but here are some just to demonstrate how much has gone on this week: 1,951 meals served 525 pictures taken, edited and produced 1.91 Gigabytes of images 195 Gigabytes or recordings 92 hours of audio recordings 8 hours of concerts 7 hours of evening workshops 252 taster compositions 954 teabags used (don’t […]

As promised in yesterday’s post, today was an absolute marathon. I thought it would be an idea to look at how the day unfolded through the eyes of the Engineers today. (There will be some student posts about the day coming very soon!) For the three of us (Matti, Ieva and I) it kicked off early. […]

It’s the last full day of composing for some and that has meant that many are going into overdrive mode to get everything finished. There’s a hushed air of concentration across the Purcell School and the IT suite has been full to bursting with composers using sibelius, perfecting their scores, making final adjustments and printing […]

Day 3 in pictures the afternoon session http://t.co/9oftFa99Mu pic.twitter.com/K0MXqLfT2F — Sam Summer (@samsummeruk) August 5, 2015 Busy work on the cross cultural composition. Taken by @thejordanblack @soundandmusic pic.twitter.com/67wdT0Da6o — Sam Summer (@samsummeruk) August 5, 2015 We are inspired #summerschool #takeover #newmusic pic.twitter.com/ZKpxFm5PCH — Sound and Music (@soundandmusic) August 5, 2015 Composers @EHowardComposer and @issiebarratt discuss […]

One of my favourite things about Sound and Music is the amazing mix of evening performances lectures and workshops that are given each day. So far this week we have heard Kuljit Bhamra performing Indian music with his band, Nathaniel Mann – talking about his work with the Pitt Rivers Museum, sound painting with Laura Jurd […]

Fabulous flute sounds, @pasha0305! #purcellalumni https://t.co/TSjGF9M5J2 — The Purcell School (@PurcellSchool) August 4, 2015 No rest for the wicked this morning at @samsummeruk for the vocal group #voiceetcmassive pic.twitter.com/kA8PjzGpuR — Ollie Kaiper-Leach (@Ollie_KLMusic) August 4, 2015 Apparently this instrument is really gourd… #ohdear pic.twitter.com/PDodZUXoxS — Sam Summer (@samsummeruk) August 4, 2015 It's in full swing […]

Written by Pasha Mansurov Pasha is the flautist on the film music course It’s all happening now! Today was the first day of recording material for the films and I was genuinely overwhelmed by the musical ideas from the pupils. Having now taught at this course for 6 years (I consider myself a veteran) it always […]

Jamie This is my second year on Sound and Music Summer School, and it remains an experience I will cherish and remember. It is the highlight of my summer, and it’s great meeting a whole new set of young composers and facing a whole new set of challenges; including translating, composing and integrating a Nigerian […]

The last two days have been filled with a variety of taster events. This meant that the students were all split up into random groups and had an opportunity to sample the other courses which have been taking place this week. Here’s a selection of what some of our students thought about the film music taster: […]

Our evening session was delivered by composer Nathaniel Mann. He gave a talk about his work as Composer in Residence at the Pitt Rivers Museum. His theme was along the lines of how to make these objects into music and turn them into a sound world. He approached this in three very different ways. Through a […]

If you’ve missed our twitter action today don’t worry! Here are some highlights… Great things are starting to happen over at our #summerschool @PurcellSchool @samsummeruk – we will be sharing the story with you all wk — Sound and Music (@soundandmusic) August 3, 2015 @kj_funk leads a vocal taster session @samsummeruk, a hive of industry as 15 […]

A fantastic taster session in the film department today! It was very useful to get used to the kind of pressure you would be under during an actual film production. I found the different briefs very interesting as they give a whole new perspective on how the film is viewed. In short, a rather valuable […]

“Gosh, it already seems like we’ve all known each other for ages.” This was what several young musicians were saying as they walked into this evening concert (More about that later!) The Sound and Music Summer School 2015 started this afternoon with around 75 budding young composers arriving at the Purcell School for a week […]

With just one day to go I can feel the excitement building for this year’s Sound and Music Summer course. In just under 24 hours around 40 tutors and staff will arrive at the Purcell School to begin setting up and putting the final touches to their courses and from 2pm a large number of fantastically […]

Hello! My name is Anna, I’m a clarinettist, and I’m one of the musicians supporting David Horne’s group during the upcoming Sound And Music Summer School. It’s great to be asked along again – a few years back I was a musician for Alison Cox’s group and have many wonderful memories from that week! Having […]

The Sound and Music Summer School is my favourite teaching gig of the year. For six years now, I have led the Composing for Voices group, with 14-18 year olds composing for voice and instruments or a cappella voices, and am always excited to get on the train to Watford again with my merry band […]

Pre course thoughts from Aidan Goetzee. We are days away from the 2015 Sound and Music summer course. I’ve more or less chosen the films that the students are going to be working with. Each person in my group is going to be working with a different film and I have to get the variety […]