Details of what you are going to do:

What art skill(s) would you like to pass on?

I want to teach someone and help them understand the concept of artificial harmonics when writing for bowed string instruments.

Why have you chosen this skill? Is it a skill you know well or one you have learnt recently?

I chose this skill because someone said they do not understand how it works, and I am already very familiar with it.

Who are you going to share your skills with and why?

I am sharing this skill with Aidan Bryson, a colleague from the summer school, part of the same group, as he said he does not know how to write that notation correctly and how it sounds.

How will you share your skills?

I will show him examples from different books and scores that I own and explain to him how and why it is written that way.

What are the aims of your skill share? What will people know or be able to do by the end of it?

The aim of my skill share is simply to help someone, as I believe it is an important technique to know, and it could help him in his future composition.

What resources will you need?

Just a few books/scores that I already own.

How long will your skill share take?

It should take 10 minutes at most, but it will very likely be about half of that.

What will you need to do to make sure everything goes to plan?

I will only need to find some time where both of us can chat and aren’t busy with something else.

Is there anything that might go wrong? Do you have a backup plan?

I don’t think there is anything that could go wrong, maybe only if we don’t find a time where we could discuss this. If that happens, we will look at it over a video call.

How will you know it has gone well (for example, you could create an evaluation sheet, film an interview of participants’ responses or create an annotated photo journal to record your progress)?  

I would consult with the other student to see if he understood how I explained it and get his opinion.

How will you record your skills share?

I will get someone to take photos of the skill share.

Details of how it went:

What went well and why?

The score that I used to explain to him showed very clearly how it is notated, and I explained to him how it works. He understood the 2 different types of artificial harmonics, which are created with a perfect 4th or a perfect 5th, and how and why they are used.

How did you make sure other people understood the skills you were sharing?

I was asking him questions and asking him to explain it back to me to see if he completely understood it.

Did anything not go according to plan, and how did you deal with it? 

Everything went accordingly.

 Is there anything about your skills share you would change next time?

Maybe I could share more skills, or to multiple people.

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