I think I am inspired by a wide range of artists and musicians. But I haven’t had the chance to actually meet very many, so to be able to meet and work with inspiring musicians was one of the highlights of
my week at Sound and Music.

I was inspired by all of the musicians I met and worked with but for me – Jordan Black somehow resonated with me. Jordan plays the clarinet and he performed as a woodwind finalist in the BBC Young
Musician 2012. He also made appearances as a soloist with the New English Concert Orchestra, Bristol Ensemble and Leeds Sinfonia and being invited by the London Mozart Players to perform for the Earl and Countess of Wessex at Windsor Castle. All of that makes it seem as if Jordan might be above working with teenagers to help them compose but actually the thing that struck me most about Jordan was his
keenness to share his love for music and the clarinet in particular. He took a lot of time to show and tell what the instrument can do. No question was too silly for him and he encouraged us to ask questions which he answered fully. He gave up part of a week to inspire a new generation and he certainly was inspiring. When I looked him up on line it was clear that he has done lots of impressive things – his music
has enabled him to play all over the place and he has done tv work too. Jordan became my
inspiration partly because of his sheer knowledge of the clarinet but also because of what a nice
guy he was. He knew his instrument inside out and this inspired me to want to learn more about
the instruments that I play. I will record what I have found out and learnt by both writing it down,
and putting what I have learnt into practice.

Jordan works as a freelance musician. Taking commissions, and playing music written for him and
the other musicians by a composer. Because of this, Jordan usually ends up playing as part of a
bigger group and he explained that being a musician can often be like being in a team and that
was one of things that I think our group embraced. It’s good for the music but its also good
because we can all learn from one another, all of the time. This part of what Jordan said inspired
me think about how I will try to share my enthusiasm and skills when I get home. At school we
have an orchestra. It can be hard to fit it in as school is busy — but I can see how important it is
for older kids in the school to inspire others. I told myself that I would make more effort when I
got back. I will also be more enthusiastic in my practice at home. I think my parents also need to
feel some of my new found joy in my instrument.

Jordan also does solos, most notably performing in the final of BBC Young Musician 2012. Jordan
learnt his skills from a variety of places and he said he took inspiration from all of the events and
cultures in his life. He grew up in Kenya, receiving musical influences from there. He later trained
at Purcell School and the Junior Department of the Royal College of Music. Here, he won several
prizes including the Peter Morrison Concerto Competition. Jordan later graduated with a First
Class Honours Degree from the Royal Academy of Music. Jordan creates his art through playing
the clarinet. This is then combined with other instruments, edited, and collated into a piece or
pieces of music.

Jordan is a thoroughly nice chap. He is a skilled musician. He is patient and kind. And he wants
to inspire others. He inspired me and I’m certain he would inspire anyone who met him. If I can
be half the musician he is I will be well chuffed.

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