I chose to present to a group of friends different uses of the voice. As a singer, majority of the information I had known, however, parts of it were new to me, such as ingressive singing. I chose to share it with that group as many of them didn’t sing, and I thought it would be interesting to show them stuff they may not have been aware of before. I presented through demonstration and tactics as well as writing things down on a whiteboard behind me. I wanted to help encourage others to use interesting vocal styles and techniques in their own pieces in the future. I had some help from some other singers, and the presentation took around 15 minutes to both explain and demonstrate techniques. So as to ensure I missed nothing, I had a checklist on the board to cross out. If something went wrong I had other vocalists to help support me if needed. We had a photo journal to record the process of the presentation.

Figure 1: Ciara, Susannah and sharing singing techniques with the class
Figure 2: Susannah and I asking about different uses of the voice.

Figure 3: The Final product (please refer to the top half of the board)

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