Ciara, Isabella and I showing our class different singing techniques

The arts skills I have chosen to pass on are different ways of using the voice. As I participated in the composing for voice course, I learnt a lot of valuable information from the tutors. I am aiming to teach students from the instrumental and electronic courses, and hopefully by the end they will be able to name and demonstrate some uses of the voice that they hadn’t known previously. The skill share will take 15 minutes and a whiteboard will be necessary to write a list of the different uses of the voice. 

I think that my skill share went well because I felt confident in what I was teaching and the participants told me that they enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I started by asking them what different ways of using the voice they could think of. As I was explaining additional ideas that they hadn’t thought of, I made sure to ask them what the purpose/desired effect would be. I then got them to repeat after me to give an example.

E.g. A new idea was vocal fry. One participant said it would create characterisation. I showed them how to do it, and they tried it out.

Different ways to use the voice (please only refer to the top half of the white board)

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