I’m reviewing the Yshani Peripanayagam’s event that I took part in during the Sound and Music Summer school. In this event we utilised an app called echoes which is an innovative and exciting app that lets you discover the world around you in the form of sounds.  I really enjoyed using this app because it took me on an adventure through the different set walks, and this kept it very interesting throughout, however some of the routes inside were difficult, or impossible to get to, this is just due to a developer issue which could probably be resolved. Despite this, I learned to look out for sounds in just everyday situations, and I’ve been sampling more atmospheric noises in hope to use them for future compositions. I shared my review with my mum and she thought the app has huge potential due to its uniqueness, and I would like to see it grow too. If I were to recommend this to someone else I would state to enjoy the adventure and not take it too seriously, because otherwise you won’t find sounds organically.

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