I am reviewing the interactive piano installation that was created by ex-student Rueban as well as some friends which was held at the Purcell School. The installation was created by the artists finding 6 old pianos that were about to be dumped, and they were repurposed. We recorded an Instagram takeover where we showed the exhibition. The event was very interesting and showed how there are so many different ways to use an instrument, not just the conventional way. My personal favourite installation was the 5th one we were shown, in which the hammers on the piano had been given alterations such as coins or tacks that were attached. In turn this created a sound that mimicked that of a celeste. One criticism I would make is that the 6th piano installation wasn’t altered besides it having patterns painted atop. However, overall I enjoyed the installation and learnt that one instrument is not limited to the conventional use. I posted updates on the installation on the Sound and Music Instagram account, as well as discussing the installation with other people in my vocal group. If there is another event held at either the Purcell school or by the same artists I will definitely go to see it, especially if it is interactive once again. If I was to recommend this event for others I would tell them that the installation isn’t limited to piano players, and that you can enjoy the interactive aspect regardless of capabilities.

If the video does not work, please use this link to see the instagram take over. Link: https://www.instagram.com/soundandmusicuk/
Click first icon on the left to see my instagram take over: Link: https://www.instagram.com/soundandmusicuk/

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