The event I attended was an interactive workshop led by musician Yshani Perinpanayagam, which was run during my time at SAM summer school. The workshop involved working as a team to create an immersive sound world. We did this through the use of the Echoes app, which allows you to create ‘walks’ in which your chosen sounds are triggered when you walk into the designated areas on your phone screen (aka ‘sound bubbles’). Our group (named The Sandburgers) collated a walk called Sunset Stroll in which we recorded both pitched sounds (humming, piano and me singing an improvised melody) and percussive sounds (birdsong, walking through grass, rhythms played with sticks). 

When walking through each sound bubble I enjoyed listening to the sonic journey that we had created, and I learnt the significance of the connection between the sonic and visual world. Within this art form, this is something that I particularly want to explore further due to my interest in music for video games and animation. However, to improve my experience, I would have liked to be given clearer instructions on how to best complete the task. This would have created a more effective overall visual-sonic experience.

I would definitely recommend this workshop to someone who is interested in the link between the sonic and visual worlds, as it places an emphasis on the physical environment that the listener is in when experiencing sound.  I would also encourage them to ask as many questions as they need to in order to get the most out of the opportunity. 

I shared this review with my mum by showing her what I had written here, and her response was that the workshop sounded “very intriguing and unusual”.

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