Singing workshop


I would like to pass on techniques and information about various singing exercises that I have learnt at my time at SAM Summer School. I will share these skills in the form of an interactive presentation with others who have also recently learnt these exercises as well as students from different groups in the summer school who have no experience in singing. By the end of the presentation the audience will hopefully be able to name different types of singing (e.g. overtone singing, percussive, ingressive, refer to photos… link), describe what these terms mean and have a go at them themselves. We will need the audience to participate and a whiteboard to write down key information. We will record our skills share through the form of photos/videos. 

Figure 1: Skills share with the class

Figure 2: Skills share with the class

Figure 3. Skill share with the class


The singing workshop went well because most people participated and had a go at the different sounds we demonstrated with the voice. At the end we tested their knowledge by turning the whiteboard around and asking them to remember as much as they could, which worked well as they covered most of the points. Next time I might improve this presentation by revising the key points so that I don’t miss anything out.

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