I chose to research Ludovico Einaudi because I play his music often and am inspired by his compositional style. Einaudi is known for his minimalistic writing, taking inspiration and techniques from composers such as Phillip Glass and Steve Reich. His repertoire is largely solo piano music, however he has also written pieces featuring orchestral instruments and voice. I found out about Einaudi’s arts career, life and work mainly by reading through his website and listening to him talk on his podcast – Experience: The Ludovico Einaudi Story.

Einaudi studied at various different musical institutions, but many recognise that his most influential stage of learning was studying with Luciano Berio as post graduate, in which he developed his personal composing voice. Einaudi and Berio eventually went their separate ways, as the two had significantly different compositional styles.

Ludovico Einaudi has changed the perception of classical music for many people who weren’t previously familiar with it. The fact that he is the most streamed classical artist on Spotify, (exceeding composers such as Beethoven), is evidence of this. Einaudi inspires me because he is able to communicate so uniquely through his music, making the genre of classical music more accessible and enjoyable for so many. I hope to create music that speaks to people in a way that may not seem ‘conventional’, but that evokes powerful emotions, like Einaudi’s does.

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