Berlioz as a composer is someone who I simultaneously love and dislike. Musically I feel he is incredibly talented and innovative, however, his motives behind pieces such as “Symphonie Fantastique” can be seen as rather obsessive and creepy. I researched through online articles and blogs on which Berlioz’ biographies can be found. Berlioz is renowned for his programme music such as “Harold In Italy,” in which the music follows a programme featuring a story. He studied at National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paries. Musically, Berlioz music is incredibly intricate and clever. He creates music that is relatively biographical, especially his piece “Symphonie Fantastique” which reflected his feelings towards the actress Harriet Smithson, along with other dramatics so as to create an interesting story. Berlioz obsession with the actress can be seen throughout the music through the idea of “idee fixe” which reflects how she makes him feel, and throughout the piece the idee fixe becomes much more distorted and grotesque to follow the story. I find Berlioz use and development incredibly interesting and especially how it is presented distinctly against the music whilst still following the themes of each movement.