Yet another immersive and original experience during my time at the Sound and Music Summer School! We attended a talk by Yshani Perinpanayagam, a multi-faceted musician who came to use an app called ‘Echoes’ to create an interactive ‘sound walk’, by recording sounds in certain locations around campus, which other app users can listen to when they are nearby.

Having worked with the Cross Cultural group this week, I was no stranger to new, experimental forms of making music! It was very interesting and enjoyable to experiment making music in a group out of ‘organic sound’ – something that you wouldn’t get to do at your traditional conservatoire! It also taught me that, just as when working in a group, you accept and try everyone’s ideas regardless, the same should be applied to one’s own ideas – they shouldn’t be quickly discarded despite being self critical. Overall, a very enjoyable experience with a lot to take from it!

Afterwards, we discussed our thoughts with a reflection group. An unanimous point of interest was the ambiguity of the name of the work she showed us in the talk: ” The Perfect Game of Snake: I only bite, because you make me” I proposed that it could be a metaphor for her being ‘made’ for music, as she described it as her purpose – that’s the real beauty of contemporary work; the ability of self interpretation.