You often compose to visual cues, have you ever worked in film composing?

No, but I have done other things. … I’m an improviser, so people put me in those situations… I have composed for dance music (following shapes of dancing) … Creating in response to something is something I find much easier.

Did you have musical parents?

I was fuelled by the ambition to learn the piano.

What is one thing you wish another composer had said to you?

Don’t be afraid to share your work even if you think is is making you feel vulnerable. (It can feel like your pieces are like your diary)

Would you recommend training to do many different things in the industry?

It’s not easy, but it keeps your options open. People often assume because I play multiple genres, I must be bad at everything.

When you improvise, do you think about it before?

No … The more you do it, the easier it gets. Eventually it is easier to improvise with a clear mind. I use dissonance and minimalism a lot, due to my musical upbringing.

Do you ever get composer’s block? What do you do if you do?

Write anything (treat yourself like you would treat music composition) … Compositions are not permanent, they can be changed or deleted later on.

What is your favourite piano concerto to play?

Bartok’s 3rd Piano Concerto.

Do you ever use graphic notation?

No, I use normal notation … I try to get more of a shape before composing.