Today was our first full day, of course starting out with a healthy breakfast. One quick assembly later, and the students were already cracking on with their compositions in their Key Tutor Groups!

After the day’s first KTG, we quickly moved on to the week’s first two taster sessions. These allow our students to get to explore composing in a style outside of their chosen tutor group, working alongside another group’s key composition tutor and professional musicians.

We also had a new taster session this year; ‘Composing with GarageBand’, led by the delightful Michelle and Marcia from Community Music! After a few activities to loosen us all up, they gave each session some insight and pro tips for composing using Digital Audio Workstations such as GarageBand.

Following a hearty dinner, all students attended the second performance/workshop event of the week! We had the fabulous Emily Howard present a talk about her creative process, the maths of her music, and the importance of imposing restrictions on yourself when composing. We also got to hear several of her mesmerising works – be sure to check them out on her Soundcloud!

To get more intel from inside the Summer School, be sure to explore our pictures from Day 2.

It’s also worth mentioning here that our staff members Jenny and Hodan popped into all the tutor groups to inform the students of the benefits of completing their bronze Arts Awards as part of the Sound and Music Summer School!

During the week long stay, the students are offered the experience and opportunity to successfully complete their Arts Award with reviewing performances, interviewing inspirational musicians and tutors, sharing their creative skills with new friends and keeping a record of the entire process!

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