On Tuesday 7th August, I attended a session, at Sound and Music summer school, on composing led by Judith Weir, which I found very interesting and presented many sides to music and music notation I had not thought about before. One of the pieces performed was Judith Weir’s composition “Sundew”, which depicted a carnivorous plant. I really enjoyed the performances of the music, as we could see the score and follow it.

While the piece was not a piece I would usually listen to in my free time, it was very intriguing to see various ways the same piece could be performed. I thought that perhaps the discussion led by Judith Weir could have been addressed more to the audience, rather than to another person on stage, as it would have made me feel more involved as an audience member. I learned that it can sometimes be very effective to allow your performer to have a lot of freedom, as that makes the piece different every time.

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  1. Hi Yulia, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the SaM blog. Would you recommend this event to someone else and if so, who would you recommend it to?

    Jenny (Arts Award)



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