Judith Weir with a microphone

This is a review Judith Wier’s visit to the Sound and Music Summer School on the 7th of August 2018, which I attended. Judith talked about different ways of notating other than the standard notation to simplify, or to explore different musical experiences such as giving the performer(s) more freedom. She used one of her pieces for violin and cello, which was performed by live musicians, and other pieces as examples, showing the scores on the projector.

I didn’t record the events in any way; this is simply my recount of the event. I thought the event was very interesting and it captivated my thoughts for the duration. I enjoyed how it got me thinking about the different possibilities of graphic scores using various combinations of standard notation and more interpretable aspects. It made me think about how much control over a piece a composer should try to have. I can’t think of anything that could have been changed about the event to improve it.

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  1. Hi Jack, thank you for your review. I also really enjoyed the event, particularly the performance of ‘Sundew’. Did the event inspire you to listen to more of Judith’s compositions?

    Jenny (Arts Award)



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