On Monday, a special guest visited, Judith Weir. Seeing her music visually and listening to some of her compositions live was inspirational for me. I really enjoyed the jail folk inspired compositions played by the cello. This was because it explored many extended techniques of the instrument, something that I am very interested in. I think there could have been more pieces performed live and individual pieces instead of full works. In the event I learnt about a different way to start composing, through text, even if it’s an instrumental piece. I recommended seeing Judith Weir’s works live to my friend as she has a real passion for avante garde style vocal music. This event had now inspired me to see live works of living composers shared my thoughts with a fellow peer. We both agreed that Judith Weir’s concert was eye opening and inspired both our compositions. Although, her favourite pieced performed was the Scottish inspired vocal works instead of the cello pieces.