I thought the event was very inspiring. It made me think about using extended techniques in my own compositions. I very much enjoyed the King Harald Saga, it was very compelling. It told a short story of Harald Hadrada, but the message behind the piece was the futility of war. I didn’t really like the Scottish poems, in song form, I thought that the story and meaning behind each could have been portrayed slightly better. For example, I thought the song about the two sisters, dying of poison in the river, could have been portrayed a little better, perhaps by using a melody in both voice and piano, and as the piece continues the melody will continually change getting more and more dissonant. I learnt about different ways of telling the story you’re trying to convey. The performance Judith Weirs music definitely inspired me to listen to more of her music and it inspired me to think about how I write my music to convey the message I’m trying to tell. I would definitely recommend listening to Judith Weir’s music, it changed the way I draw inspiration, for example her use of old folk poems.