I’m reviewing Orphy Robinson workshop/session at the SaM summer school, which took place on Sunday 31st July 2017.

I thought that the workshop was very interesting, engaging and fun as he showed us a new way of expressing our ideas and making music called conduction.

I particularly enjoyed the active side of the session as we tried out conduction which was extremely fun and exciting. During the session, we went into groups and practised conduction. I even got to have a try leading a bit of the session with the group. The best part of the session though was the big performance at the end where all the groups came together and created an amazing sound!

What caught my attention the most about conduction was how one action can create such a wonderful sound and learning about how it works was fascinating. This workshop has inspired me to research more into conduction and maybe trying it out again in the future.

To someone who was interested in experiencing this session, I would tell them to be prepared to explore a new way of making music.