I can’t believe it! We’re already on day 6 of the Summer School! I’m not quite sure how it’s gone by so fast…but there’s still so much more to come!

Today is the first day of final performances, which will be from the Film and Jazz groups this evening! Everyone’s been working tremendously hard towards their pieces, facing various challenges and surpassing these with the help of the Key Tutors and professional musicians that are within each group. Everyone’s pieces will also be recorded today, so it’s a busy day overall!

Throughout the week, I’ve been lucky enough to pop in and out of all the different groups and witness the various stages of compositional development they’ve been at. One thing is clear across all the groups; the students are loving it. What also important to note, is that they’re loving the challenge of the experience. It’s a relatively intense week, simply because of the overall task at hand – to compose, score, part (and potentially conduct) a piece of music that is entirely written, recorded and performed by professionals in a week – however, every individual, regardless of musical ability, has risen to that challenge.

The fantastic Chaperones at the Summer School have also found time to organise some really engaging activities for the students too, including indoor volleyball, swimming and football. Those who haven’t wanted to participate in those activities have enjoyed time to simple relax in the common room spaces in the on-site accommodation at The Purcell School (it’s really quite fancy with flat screen TV’s, sofas, table tennis, and even a games console).

Time away from the intensity of the week is important. The students have reflected this with their creative proactivity during the day. I cannot wait to see the performances that start today and continue tomorrow, but The Purcell School and Sound and Music will also be sad to see this week come to an end.