Film Performances

Woah. That was quite something. The audience has been spoilt by the quality of the Film Group’s recitals this evening! Each student had a three minute long clip that a live ensemble performed in real time to the moving image. The compositions evoked an array of emotions, each and every one receiving an enormous round of applause from the students, tutors, and parents who were in attendance.

These young composers have developed their compositional techniques, approaches, and methods an enormous amount over this past week. I think that it’s impossible to fully understand the amount of work they’ve put in unless you see these pieces in the flesh, or listen to their journeys as composers at the Summer School. So much of the excitement and raw energy in their compositions has so evidently come from the environment that they’ve been in over the past week. But what’s clear to see is that all of what they’ve shown off in these final performances will stay with them for the rest of their musical careers.

That can be said for all of the composers here at the Summer School. The Film Group may be finished, but we still have four more groups to get through. Bring on the next event of the evening – the Jazz Group’s final performances are about to begin!