Before you read Sami’s thoughts on Judith’s workshop, why not read the article on her session to get some context? It’s right here!


I’m reviewing Judith Weir’s workshop concert/workshop at the SAM summer school, which took place on Monday 31st July 2017.

Overall, I thought the event was both very engaging and interesting. I particularly enjoyed the live performances, as they gave meaning to the words and theory that Judith shared with us. Judith also shared with us some video clips of interpretations of her work. I found these less engaging and informative, as I personally thought that a live performance of the works she presented would’ve been more meaningful and empowering (you can see an example of the piece I mean here).

What captivated me most about Judith’s composition style was the origins of her inspirations; folk and classical music. Understanding how she has done this was enlightening, and I would love to attend future concerts that involve pieces by Judith Weir. To someone who was interested in experiencing this session, I would tell them in advance to be prepared to explore new ideas.