Jonty: Day 1

Meeting people is always a scary experience. There is always a heavy sense of anticipation as you draw nearer to your destination, which you know is unnecessary but which you just can’t stave off. For this reason the long drive to the Purcell School was nerve-racking, to say the least. This was only made worse by the horrible London traffic. I was in a hot car moving at a laborious crawl, and the nerves were building.

However, more prominent than my nerves was the sense of excitement. I had never experienced a course of this sort, so naturally the opportunity excited me. The thing I was looking forward to most though was spending time with other creative people, interested in similar things to me. Being interested in classical music at my tender age is not easy in this day and age, and even more difficult is finding other people who are similarly interested.

So as I rolled up outside the Purcell School, excitement washed over me and I forgot all about the nerves. I was here to do music; how could I not be happy?