My time at sound and music this year has been unlike any other experience I’ve had – from creating a short vocal piece from the word ‘happiness’ to finger sword-fighting in a theatrical workshop, the week has been full of pleasant surprises.

Initially, I didn’t know what to expect. Right from day 1, we’d started composing short pieces on manuscript (something which I was uncomfortable doing until now, but have discovered it’s usefulness), with our wonderful tutor Alison making every activity fun and different. The speed at which we had to compose was a challenge, but I found my most creative ideas stemmed from this pressure!

I’ve been in the world music group, which has been so informative and interesting –  composing for marimba, tabla, nyckleharpa and clarinet certainly put me out of my comfort zone, but this is exactly what I wanted from the week. The opportunity to regularly check with the musicians how to compose and notate for their instrument has been the most helpful aspect, and has also given me the confidence to ask musicians I know back at home to guide me through their instrument too.

Hearing my peer’s music has been my favorite part – it’s so interesting how differently everyone’s mind works and each individual way of composing. Our styles are all different and personal, which has been a pleasure to hear – the final concerts are yet to happen, but I look forward to them greatly.

I truly feel as if I’ve grown so much as a musician in these short 7 days; I’m so comfortable and in my element surrounded by extremely talented, like-minded young people whom I am delighted to have met. All the staff have been very supportive and open to our ideas, letting us all create with our personal voices. Thank you Sound and Music for a wonderful week!