We had a visit fromSAM 2016 Day 4 17 Aleks Kolkowski last night who gave us a really interesting talk about the beginnings of recording technology. We here on the film course, were fascinated (Along with the rest of the course!) and tweeted and made plenty of notes which I thought I’d better pull together into one place!

I reblogged this post from soundofthehound.com and you can find our tweets below

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  1. […] After a thrilling few days we have now completed our compositions, and are excited to hear them played in the forthcoming days. However that is only the icing on the cake to such a great week. A highlight of ours has been the intriguing guest speaker talking about gramophones last night. He captivated us all with his extensive knowledge of acoustic sound and its history. (You can find a summary from last night here) […]


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