SAM 2016 Day 02 24I had to compose a piece of music in a short amount of time using a short motif given to me as part of the challenge given to me in my key tutor group. It was composed for the violin. The Motif was written in an unconventional way and not using Sibelius. At first I was questioning how I would write the music. It was helpful that before we started writing we were able to receive expert help from the professional musicians and other people which I was able to incorporate with my own ideas. I also found it difficult to structure my piece and hear it without the instruments playing, this isn’t something I’ve done much of before and I felt pushed outside my comfort zone.

SAM 2016 Day 03 01After drawing a wide range of symbols on paper, our piece was performed by a professional musician. After listening to the piece I was really pleased that I could hear that the motif gave the piece structure. I used pizzicato near the end which really changed the mood. I was pleased and felt successful. The opportunity was incredible and has inspired me to experiment while composing.