Each year the Sound and Music Summer School is slightly different. Whilst the strands follow similar content and the aims are very continuous, there are a number of different evening workshops and events that take place through the week. These vary from talks by inspiring and influential composers to performances by musicians and even workshops where every member of the course is involved.

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Each year is a total surprise and a delight to be involved with. Some of the most inspiring performances I’ve seen have been at Sound and Music and I remember vividly the talks and ideas that have been discussed. I particularly think back to hearing Annie Wiseman talk about how she approaches composing for films and TV, hearing Juice for the first time, experiencing the fusion of Maltese folk and western classical music that was arranged and demonstrated by Ruben Zahra, Sound Painting with Laura Jurd  and listening to Composer Nathaniel Mann who introduced us to a number of different projects he has been involved with and what inspired him. The evenings are an ideal opportunity for students to listen to professionals, gain from their experience and give them the opportunity to ask plenty of questions about the cutting edge research, compositions, inspirations or performances.

This year we are almost certainly in for another bumper year of outstanding evening events kicking off with the exceptionally talented multi musician and composer, SaM course composer, Lucie Treacher performing with the incredible vocal ensemble Juice which includes Key tutor group leader Kerry Andrews and her outstanding group of singers and vocalists and producer and musician MajiKer. After night one – as if this wasn’t enough already! – the rest of the week includes talks and workshops from musicians, producers, conductors and composers Sarah Freestone, Laura Bowler and Aleks Kolkowski.

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